Monday, March 16, 2009

Tempus Fugit

Well not really. I've been off the bike for 3 weeks now and it really sucks, because it definitely was a large part of my life. Hopefully I'll get on a trainer at the end of the week to spin and see how that feels, so far no gain because there's over proportionally high helping of pain while in riding position. Where the hole has been left however, house chores and projects that don't require lifting have prevailed.

Decided to change the pedestal into a shelf at the end of the kitchen area with the sink. Any use of vertical space in our house comes at a premium and this is a precious resource, since we've got a small pad.

Had to remove the dishwasher to access the back of the paneling.

Not that anything built in 1910 was plumb or level but it made for a good picture of "work".

The rough layout with everything in place.

Initial painting, more pictures to come when the project is done later this week.

Where the old cooking magazine and book rack by the back door went, we now have a small bench with storage shelf that was built from leftover scraps.

I think it's getting painted too.

Even the Polish are starting to lay now, which is impressive since it's molting season and much of the girls' calcium and protein reserves go to the production of new feathers. Pictured above is a "good hair day" for these goofy birds.

Soon to our assortment of colors, we will add generic white from the Polish when they are laying eggs big enough to sell.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


While I've had my small share of lesser strains and pulls and in 2007 a broken wrist, I am worried about my most recently acquired injury. I had a small strain from some weight lifting on my back because I incorrectly used a machine with my legs like a dumb stubborn cyclist from about two weeks ago. I managed to do the last Knoxiecross with it but this past weekend some work on a raised bed for our new blueberry bushes presented me with a lifting challenge which I performed very poorly on. For the record lifting old railroad ties some laden with moisture and creosote is a two person job.

Installed a new mailbox this past weekend as well.

The offending straws that possibly "broke the camel's back".

After consulting a physician and a little reading/ self diagnosis I was worried that I might have a herniated disk. And of course google brought me to this terrifying image after a quick search...

I'm sure they eat that blue stuff in China.

My physician recommended rest for a few more weeks (which is going to kill my commuting mileage and drive me insane) and if it still hurts then I'm probably headed for an expensive MRI...bummer. Recovery for many of the possible damages I may have incurred range from 4-8 weeks to longer if its a worse case scenario which totally sucks. Coming off a reasonably strong CX season I had hope for getting into good shape for early mtb season, but that seems just a dream currently. So last week's commute home in pleasant spring summer weather in the evening with A is about the only thing I have to look back on.

Evening commutes home with the wife are on hold now...

First batch of frogs on the way home. (spring peepers and wood frogs I think)

A louder group of frogs out west.

And of course since I can't probably go out and play this weekend it looks like it's going to be sunny and 70! Stupid weather. If I can't go out because of a bum back this weekend I'll be staying inside and beating my rain sticks for all you luckies that are out. I will never lift anything again without proper mechanical advantage or several large people.

Walking/riding the bus to work does allow me to take in the sights however. Such as icicles on the pedestrian bridge leading to the convention center...
And the occasional silenced 6mm Sport airgun box with "infrared ray" (laser sight) and flashlight. What this could have been used on campus I do not know, but I can only assume it was a box for the weapons the RIAA uses when they raid student dorms to root out terrorist music share networks.

For those of you who remember when Napster was taken down on Campuses around the world it was a terrifying experience.